Church Hill Road off Rte. 322, Centre Hall, PA

YOU'RE INVITED to the LITTLEST one-day Model Horse Show with an emphasis on FUN!! There is no show entry fee -- it's free! -- but you are requested to bring the equivalent of at least one large-size chocolate bar or treat for Championship prizes. Unpredictable Halloween candies will be awarded to sixth place! The show is open to ALL makes of model equines and all levels of interest; if needed, classes will be split or lumped. This show is NOT a NAN qualifier!! Bring your lunch. The church has full kitchen facilities and nice tables and chairs for about 12 persons. Show hall opens at 8:00 am, classes start at 9:00. Happy Valley Fun Show is usually finished by 3:00 pm under normal circumstances. HVFS is a smoke- and alcohol-free show! Natives: this is NOT a Game Day. :)

A limit of 25 horses per person is suggested. Pre-entry is not necessary. Tags are not needed for this show (yet). Foals are allowed in breed classes, but please no cross-entering in breed classes. Halters are welcome!---but not required. In performance classes, imagination counts! Callbacks should Not be necessary for Championships. Classes will be judged by Susan Bensema Young, hobby veteran, professional model tackmaker since 1979, NAN judge and author of the 1998 book Guide to Making Model Horse Tack. Visit her blog: timarustarii.blogspot.com or her FaceBook under Timaru Star II Model Tack.


1. Harness. (vehicle optional).
2. Costume (all types) & Parade. (all types).
3. Scene. Long needed, now here, for all you scene-lovers! May cross enter with other Performance entries.       Harness/Costume/Scene Champ/Res
4. English Pleasure.
5. Other English Performance. (incl. Hunt/Jump).       English Champ/Res
6. Western Pleasure.
7. Other Western Performance. (gymkhana, barrels, trail, roping, cutting, reining, etc.)       Western Champ/Res
8. Tack & Stablewear (blankets). To be judged on detail. All types and kinds are welcome; racks or stands are a bonus.


9. Family Groups. (Stallion and/or Mare & 2 or 3 offspring) Offspring may be foal, yearling or adult.
10. Foals. (under 1 yr) (state age)
11. Spanish Breeds. (Andalusian, Lusitano, Pasos)
12. All Ponies. (Welsh, Hackney, Fjord, etc.)
13. Gaited Breeds. (TWH, NSH, ASB, MFT)
14. Minis. (Often called "VSEs": Very Small Equines.)       Best of Ponies & Minis
15. Mustangs.       Best of Spanish & Mustangs
16. Thoroughbred & Standardbreds.
17. Long Ears/Exotics. (zebras, donkeys, mules)
18. Arabians.       Best of Gaited & Arabians
19. Warmbloods. (Trakheners, Dutch & German WBs, Selle Francois)       Best of TBs, SBs, & WBs
20. Quarter Horse Stallions.
21. Coach Horses. (Lipizzans, Friesians, Morgans)
22. Quarter Horse Mares & Geldings.       Best of QHs
23. Draft Breeds.       Best of Draft &Coach Breeds
24. Paints.
25. Appaloosas.       Best of Appies & Paints
26. Other Pure Breeds / Half Breeds.
27.Stone---Collectibility. OFs only, tack not required. Judged on rarity, collectibility, connoisseurship, and conformation. Limited to 2 horses per person.
28. Breyer---Collectibility. Same rules as class 27. Includes Decorator colors. Limit 2 models per person.
29. BREYER O.F. Mold Class:   Lonesome Glory, aka Seattle Slew, Zenyatta.  Cross entry allowed w/Collectibility; Limited to 3 horses per person. Everybody judges this class (by ballot).
30. STONE O.F. Mold Class:  Trotting Arabian Filly (Trad scale).  Cross entry allowed w/ Collectibility; Limit 3.   Everybody judge.
31. Mascot. Animals of all shapes and sizes. Bring your familiar and/or family pet.


Questions?  Contact Kim Swanger Grove (814)360-9484   hotcrossbunnies@juno.com   or Susan Bensema Young   sbytsii@verizon.net

In case of really nasty weather, dangerously slippery roads or ice: postponed :( til further notice.