A Visit with Ruth

During the first week of March we had the pleasure of visiting my Mother-in-Law, Ruth White Young.  This post is intended to remember that and to show her apartment, as well as the lady herself.

What you see upon entering

It is a splendid two-room set up with a balcony, which you can see through the glass doors here.  The TV works “sometimes.”  The remote changes channels but it doesn’t turn it on or off!  The little needlepoint chair in the left foreground, with a green seat, is the one I sit in when I make tack in this environment.

George Young, son of Ruth


The man is my husband, George.  The couch is one where Ruth often sleeps.  I’ve napped there myself.  It is a good couch for the purpose.  I have fixed the lamp at the end of the couch.  I have had it down on the floor and all taken apart.  That it works now is something I take credit for.


Ruth likes houseplants.  The vine under the lamp is a gift from a friend.  There are more plants in the next room.

Computer room


This is what you see if you step left of the door and then straight ahead.  Through the glass doors shows the same balcony.  The wall on the right here is the left one behind the couch.

The doors are big wide solid ones.  The bathroom is to the left of this picture.  The coat closet is behind the viewer.  There is a bedroom beyond, and a second bathroom.


Ruth and George sharing a grin


I am rather fond of this shot.  I took all these very impromptu, but sometimes such shots turn out quite good… better than you thought.

Ruth is always pleased to see her only son.  And me, though I’m not really the one to say that.




close up of sharing a grin

Ruth at home

The lady likes flowers.  You see this in the calendar on the wall.  What you can’t see are the books on gardening, the magazine subscriptions, the catalogs for flowers, and the art books all about flowers.  When she writes poetry, it is often about flowers.  George likes birds, but Ruth loves flowers.


“Above all I must have flowers, always and always.” — Monet




I stayed with her for 2 weeks in 2002, when Ross, her husband, passed away.  I made a fair amount of tack.  At that time Ruth was in a different apartment, but in the same complex, Overland Park Place in Kansas City.  I have 2 local model horse friends in the area.  Ruth has many more friends and even some relatives, cousins of George.


Coral and Sandy Beach, Jerry and Vera Beach, and Joan and Jerry Gilson deserve special mention at this time.  Incredibly, Ruth has reached the age of 93.


I am going to finish with what I consider the best shot of the visit.  I PhotoShopped the lamp post screw out.  Not too bad, for someone whom PhotoShop can still drive to tears — !   But this shows Ruth at her best.


Here’s hoping many more visits can bring us happy memories.










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