Timaru Star II Horse Sales Page

Horse Sales.  Lurking in the heart of every model collector is a plain old fashioned hoss-trader.  The horses featured here are the latest inductees to my Sales Box.  They have been offered at BreyerFest but haven't yet found new owners.  Feel free to ask questions or make offers! These prices are NOT set in Stone!   NOBODY has YET bought a horse from me off these pages (it's only been since 2011), so I can do what I want in here, right??!?

My PayPal name is the same as my email address: sbytsii@verizon.net.    In a perfect mail-order world, the buyer would mail me a personal check or Money Order, I'd deposit it, and the check would clear.  Then I'd ship the horse to an address acceptable by UPS, i.e. not a PO Box.   Time payments can be arranged.  In a less than perfect world, if you furnish a check that bounces, you won't get a refund from me, and you probably won't get the horse.  Prices do NOT include $12 shipping via UPS Ground (Except for Today Specials which are PPD!) for the first horse, $5 for the next ones thereafter in the same purchase.  Other shipping services will gladly be used upon request.

Horse Sales September 2016.  See top of page for Postage requirements (it's $12 a horse).
Listings are correct as of Sept 16 2016.

ASB Weanling Dapple Grey Silver Series Edition  NIB  $35
Coal with hangtag. Black unique dapple Gloss Fighting Stallion  $35
Grey Badger NIB Dapple gray Stud Spider mold 1998, 2500 made  $35
Goitzen Friesian on base  $55
Kris Kringle  with hangtag  $90
Ponokah-Eemetah  Dark Bay Fighting Stallion in Appaloosa.  This one has the 4 white lines on near neck and red handprint on near quarters.
Prairie Flower  Lady Phase in bay Appaloosa, German 1990s issue NIB  $95
Secretariat in Gold 1990 issue   $35
Sarsparilla  Semi Rearing Mustang in glossy bay $55
Touch of Class  bay Thoroughbred mare   $25
Dreamfinder Performance Horse in leopard appaloosa  Certificate says 1/2500 but things changed and actual is 1/200. $85
Windy ISH in Metallic Golden Bay matte.  Young Riders' magazine Special Run 2000. $30
ISH in very red RED Chestnut, short mane short tail 4 socks. $35
Cochise  Semi rearing black pinto with mane up, plain tail, cellulose acetate.  $30
9" Weanling Foal in glossy old palomino.  $25

In front is Breyer's Phar Lap in the 1988 Your Horse Source Special Run of 500.  This is the rarely-seen chestnut with flaxen mane and tail.  You would never guess that this Phar Lap's off fore was once broken (the extended foreleg); it has been expertly fixed by professional repairer Betsy Gross.  $20.00.