Links Etcetera

        You can tell a lot about a person from their Links page; I often check out Links before anything else.  For what it's worth, here's ours.  Model tackmakers' suppliers and model organizations are listed first; included are a couple of "grand central stations" of model horse links.  Next, in alphabetical order so there is less favoritism, hah! my current favorite model horse tackmakers and collectors.  Lastly are REAL tack and saddlers' sites, and also non-model-horse but still very useful suppliers and links: Full Scale Stuff.  All sites last visited September 2013 unless otherwise indicated.

      Two model tackmakers whom I greatly admire, and whose work is shown right here, do not (to my knowledge) have (or ever had) websites.  The saddle is by the (late) Margaret Teller of Kentucky (New Age Saddlery), photographed in 1999.  The fender is swung back both to show details of the cinch ring and to prove how far it can really swing --- something my own saddles didn't have for quite some time!  The hackamore is by Linda Spiesschaert of Oregon (Kitchen Table Stables), spring 2002.  {Photo used by permission}  This is the time to say that the hunt is as much fun as the capture.  Good Luck.

This page is also a de-facto list of model horse tackmakers whose work I have collected and admired, but who, for whatever reason, have left the hobby (such as Margaret Teller and Linda Spiesschaert).  I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one making such a list.  There is potential here.   Someone ought to list them...

Model Tack Suppliers and Organizations

Rio Rondo is the source for most model horse hardware and supplies, as well as a list of other tackmakers.

Lenham Pottery. Here at last is the website of Anne and Barry Funnell--- for something like 20 years the world's sole source of model harness hardware.  They also create doll parts, china horses, harness kits, and many other miniature items.  Their hames are the source of some of Sulser's.

Alison Beniush's TWMHC or The World of Model Horse Collecting is a cooperative that has grown slowly but steadily over the past 8 years or so to provide the most fantastic model horse hardware and items you can't find anywhere else.  This is where the Larry Ross, Elaine Sulser and Jennifer Harris hardware wound up at, and there are others too!  Check out their Mechanical Hackamore shanks, Peruvian Paso stirrups and other items too numerous to mention.

Model Horse $ales Pages should drop you into more than a thousand links for every imaginable model horse pursuit.  This is the hobby's best and most famous alternative to eBay.

NAMHSA. North American Model Horse Shower's Association.

Given that no activity is detectable on Tomlinson's Model Horse Marketplace in 2 years, I took down my link.

Model Tack Makers and Collectors

Amarna tack collection will lead you to Elizabeth Bouras of Amarna Productions' marvelous tribute to model tackmakers, and by extension her stunning model horse collection.

Desert Night Creations is the home of Heather M. Abounader who is one of my all-time favorite tackmakers! and good friend besides.  You'll find Arabian costume and Western halters and tack here, as well as a fine blog.

Braymere Custom Saddlery. This leads to Jennifer Buxton's blog.  I read this magnificent daily blog at least once a week (2012); it is chockful of information, pictures and just plain fun!

Erin Corbett, in 2011 a fantastically talented tackmaker who specialized in Western saddles, is currently building a website.  If you are lucky enough to possess or find one of her saddles, you have a rare piece!

Rebecca Dunne of Australia (active c. 2008 - 2010), Griffyndoon Ropes, has done an astonishing thing: she's created a distinct, beautiful, elegantly simple and extremely collectible body of work!  Once you see her work you will want it unless you're dead.  She made halters, headgear and breastcollars of miniature marine cord in her own unmistakable style... quite a feat these days.  As of September 2013, with no activity in 3 years, I'm removing my link.

Lakeshore horses. I was there when Cindy Neuhaus announced to the world she was starting a porcelain model horse manufactury (2002).  Tackmakers and other collectors should look into this marvelous corner of the model horse world, as her horses are beautiful, unique (you won't believe how) and yet very affordable -- and a lot more scratch-resistant than plastics!

ShadowCat Studios. Donna Hutchins is rising very fast in my esteem (2010) creating mouthwatering bridles and hackamores.  They are clean, neat, beautifully crafted masterpieces with great attention to detail.  Go Donna!  2012: closed to new orders.

Nohuanda first found in the fall 2006, is a sculptor in Mexico City who deals in one-sixth scale (Johnny West size) horses.  If you like authentic Quarter Horses and Mexican charro tack of the most amazing detail, you gotta check this one out!!  The sculptor is Luis M. Aguilar and the tackmaker is Jorge Duenas.  This link leads to his Flickr pages.

Carrie Sloan Meyer is a supremely flexible tack artist, making Western, English, Parade, props and useful goodies of every scale.  Just browsing is a pleasure.  If you're looking for SM tack, look here!

Jennifer Kistler has set a gold standard for model English tack.  Since I detect no activity or updates on her site in 3 years (since 2010), Riverside Tack, I am removing its link.

Corinne (Herb) Ensor is one of my personal favorites when it comes to English saddle makers, and she does stunning harness as well!  But she appears to be in the same state as Jennifer Kistler...

Toots Geyer (sheshois and pawsie13) an old-time Western model tack artist, is apparently not active, i.e. not updating her website! since 2009.  I still love her stuff.

Brooke Peery, once very talented (active c. 2005 - 2008), has stopped making tack.  If you have one of her beautiful Western saddles, consider yourself lucky.

Full Scale Stuff

I confess that the first two names on this list do meet my take-down standard of 'no updates since 2010 or before.'  However, I am leaving them up in the interests of reference.

Pitman Saddle Museum appears to be George Pitman's page, a dealer and collector of classic Silver Parade Saddles.  While my computer had trouble with some of his code, the pictures and references are wonderful.

Broken Heart Trading Company is the name of an unbelievable braider in Ohio, Ray Huffman, and this link will take you to the inspiration for my Campbell bridle.  This is the REAL THING.

Gail Hought is one of the most respected and sought-after rawhide braiders in the country.  She is also an author, teacher, horse owner and source of very collectible horse gear!  This site will have you gasping (it did me) at the artistry and audacity of her collectible work.  Hought, Broken Heart and Skyhorse are the real thing; us model tackmakers merely crouch in their shadow, worshipping...

High Noon Western Americana.  Check out these guys' auction catalogs, if you do nothing else.  For model tackmakers the reference is worth the price.

Skyhorse Saddlery creates some of the most beautiful real Western saddles I have ever seen... an endless inspiration.  This couple, Lisa and Loren Skyhorse, based in Durango, CO, have been around more than 20 years and developed a true artistic style and devoted clientele.

Blackhorseleather is the name of a recent find (thank you Liz!).  These Friesian breeders make stunning tack and bridles using glass beads and silver.  You won't believe your eyes!

Horse Hair Design is a lady artist who makes THE most incredibly beautiful hitched horsehair bridles and other horsehair work... thank you Regine for finding this one!  The site is bilingual German and English.